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Fire extinguishers require stringent maintenance to ensure they will work if needed, & importantly, to make sure they are safe. Fire extinguishers are pressurised vessels that can explode if corroded or damaged,& have been know to cause serious injury if neglected.

There are 2 types of maintenance procedures: 

  • Basic inspection by the user
  • Maintenance by competent person

1. British Standard 5306-3:2003 covers the maintenance of portable fire extinguishers, & recommends that " regular visual inspections of all portable fire extinguishers be carried out by the user or user's representative. The frequency of inspections by the user should be not less than monthly &, when circumstances require, inspections should be carried out more frequently".

Inspections should include checks that each extinguisher: 

  • Is located in the designated place
  • Is unobstructed, visible& its operating instructions face outwards
  • Has operating instructions which are clean & legible
  • Has a reading in the operable range or position of any pressure gauge or indicator fitted
  • Has seals & tamper indicators which are not broken or missing

2. Maintenance must be carried out by a competent person (a BAFE registered company), usually 12 months after installation of a new extinguisher, & at 12 monthly intervals thereafter. A fire risk assessment may conclude more frequantly in certain situations. The following chart shows the basic types & frequency of maintenance: 

Extinguisher Type

Basic Service

Extended Service

Overhaul Service

Water & foam


5 yearly




5 yearly





10 yearly

Fire Queen Limited aims to supply fully approved fire extinguishers & qualified maintenance services at competitive prices. Have a look at the equipment maintenance link or contact our Customer Support Team on 0800 731 2748.


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