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Environmental Policy

Fire Queen's environmental policy makes a commitment to reduce the amount of waste which we generate & to ensure that we handle & dispose of our waste in a safe manner. In addition, Fire Queen has a number of legal obligations with regard to waste that we must meet.

The company does not generate a considerable quantity or variety of waste materials. However all require management to ensure that they are dealt with in an appropriate manner. This guide is designed to help us to achieve this. For the purposes of removing waste from customers premises, Fire Queen limited is registered as a waste carrier with the Environment Agency.

Go Paperless!!!

Fire Queen is moving toward a paperless solution. This won’t happen overnight & we still have lots to learn about the different options available.

For the moment, we have introduced a system where some of the paper based documents that we use to communicate with our customers can be sent by email instead.

Go PaperlessThese documents include:

  • Appointment Cards
  • Copy Certificates of Inspection
  • Reports & Quotations
  • Invoices & Statements

For customers who pay us by cheque, we encourage changing to payment by BACS.

If you would like to discuss these options, or any other paper saving means, please contact us with your ideas or queries..





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