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Premier League

When asked by a local school for help with sponsorship, we jumped at the chance to see our name emblazoned in all its glory across the shirts of these lads. Come on the reds!


The Mushtaq School for Orphans

Education in Pakistan is not free, even in the poorest areas. So orphaned children need all the help we can give.

The school has been set up to provide free education, uniforms, healthcare and food, but is funded entirely by the generosity of others.

Fire Queen was asked by a representative of Stockport schools if it would be possible to provide fire safety equipment, which we gladly did. We were also able to provide a number or computers which we are sure will be put to good use.

An army of volunteers are involved in this project, and for our small part, we were happy to help.


In partnership with LAR Limited, Fire Queen has made a financial contribution as sponsorship of a runner in the London Marathon who is raising funds for Childline.

The Wingate Centre

Established in 1998, The Wingate Special Children's Trust is an independent charity devoted to enriching the lives of children & young people with all levels of disability or who are disadvantaged.

Fire Queen has been able to help with funds by the donation of raffle prizes & by providing maintenance services free of charge.

"It is gratifying to know that you appreciate what we are trying to achieve at the Centre & any expenditure saved by such a gesture means I am able to direct the funds into further improving the facilities for the direct benefit of all our users".

Christopher R Bridgman - Manager

Nantwich Annual Family Fun Day Association

The Family Fun Day was a great success, & it is estimated that between 8 - 10 thousand people were in attendance throughout the day. It turned out to be exactly what the organising committee had always maintained they wanted it to be - a family fun day, to be enjoyed by the whole community.

"Once again, our thanks & heartfelt appreciation for your contribution, & we look forward to working with you again".

Keith Cafferty - Chairman

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