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Fire Safety Training Bolton

Fire Safety Training is vital for any Bolton worker who could face a fire in the workplace.

Given a fire can break out anywhere at any time, this could cover all Bolton workers, but many businesses task certain employees with being 'fire marshals' or officials to deal with an outbreak.

All businesses are required by law to have fire equipment and fire safety procedures but without proper fire safety training, this equipment cannot be employed to good use.

Our Bolton fire safety training programs help people to react in the right way when they hear a fire alarm. Not only will they know the action to take, they will be also trained in handling relevant fire equipment.

Fire Queen and Fire Safety Training Bolton

Fire  Queen are expert providers of fire safety training in Bolton.

The focus of our fire safety courses is two fold: correct fire safety procedures and correct handling of fire safety equipment.

Unless you have staff trained at your workplaces in both these aspects of fire control, then you heightening the risks associated with any outbreaks of fire.

Obviously, fire safety training in Bolton is a statutory requirement for any business under  the Fire Safety Order 1995, and our flexible Bolton Fire Safety Training courses are tailored to the specific fire safety needs of each individual business

Fire Safety Training varies with your type of Bolton business, your building and number of employee. Usually, the level of fire safety training required would have been established by a Fire Risk Assessment but we are more than capable of coming and helping you determine the level of training that is needed.

While our Bolton Fire Safety Courses are flexible and tailored, the following give an indication of the type of training available from the expert staff at Fire Queen.

Fire Safety Training Bolton - User Tutorial

This is our basic level of fire safety training and is available to Fire Queen customers when our service technicians make scheduled visits.

Employees are given orientation on fire exits, fire extinguishers and the different types of extinguishers in their Bolton workplace.  The technician will demonstrate how to use the extinguishers and the types of fire they are suitable for. Our Service Technician will show the staff how to operate the extinguishers and explain what types of fires they are suitable for. The tutorial is useful and quick, taking no longer than 10 minutes.

Basic Bolton Fire Extinguisher Training Course

This fire safety training courses focuses on how fires spread and the action needed when faced by a fire or fire alarm. Again, there is in-depth examination of fire extinguishers, with each attendee getting hands-on training using extinguishers. There is a theoretical side to this Bolton course and an informal test to make sure the salient facts have sunk in.

Course duration: 1.5 hours

Fire Warden Bolton Training Course

Fire Queen can train Fire Wardens in your Bolton business. Naturally, fire wardens require in-depth training, and we provide them with all the fire procedure and extinguisher elements of our other course, along with full fire prevention training, hazard spotting, and organised evacuations in Bolton workplaces.  This course is ideal for the person with responsibility of fire safety in their place of work, and is assessed and certified for attendance.

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