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Anti-Theft Alarmfire extinguisher theft alarm

Stop theft, vandalism or misuse of fire extingishers.

If you are fed up with replacing or recharging your fire extinguisher, this sturdy, tamper-proof, self contained device may be the answer. It has proven effective in helping stop theft, misuse or vandalism of fire extinguishers.

The alarm will leave the fire extinguisher totally accessible for emergencies & will not interfere in the event of a real fire.


  • Highly visable "stop sign" discourages wrongful use of the extinguisher
  • Sounds a powerful 98db (at 1 metre) warning alarm when activated (95db low volume setting if desired)
  • Self contained 9 VDC alkaline power source is provided.
  • Lifetime gurantee against breakage of polycarbonate housing.
  • Deactivation cable is provided for Service Technicians.

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