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Fire Queen is a family owned Fire Services business based in Stockport, Greater Manchester. We specialise in Fire Extinguisher Servicing and Fire Alarm Servicing. We offer servicing for all models and styles of portable Fire Extinguishers and we are also servicing experts for open protocol Fire Alarms, Emergency Lighting, Fire Hose Reels, Dry Riser Systems, Safety Signs and other fire safety products.

Fire Queen also provide on-site Fire Training and Free Risk Assessments. We offer unbeatable contract prices for Fire Extinguisher Servicing and Fire Alarm Servicing . We provide Fire Extinguisher Maintenance and Fire Alarm Maintenance solutions across the UK and we offer a truly national solution for all of your Fire Extinguisher Servicing and Fire Alarm Servicing needs..

We service Fire Alarms and Fire Extinguishers in Educational Premises, Factories, Wharehouses, Offices, Churches, Healthcare Premises, Shops and Retail Outlets, Shops, Residential Care Homes, Theatres, Cinemas, Houses of Multiple Occupancy (HMO's), for Housing Associations (HA's) and in medium to large places of general assembly. We offer free Fire Risk Assessment documents which are available on our Downloads section. We are able to offer the most cost-effective yet comprehensive Fire Safety solutions and our Fire Extinguisher Servicing services are at the forefront of UK Fire Safety provision standards.

By combining all of your Fire Protection servicing and maintenance requirements with a single service provider, significant cost savings can be made. For example, by combining Fire Queen's Fire Extinguisher Servicing and Fire Alarm Servicing solutions in a single package we are able to offer unbeatable terms that simply will not be matched by our competitors. You will find further details of our Fire Extinguisher Servicing and our Fire Alarm Servicing solutions by browsing the relevant sections of our website.

If you need further advice related to fire extinguisher servicing or fire alarm servicing, or maybe seek a product or a service which we have not listed, it is likely we can help. Contact Fire Queen Customer Support on 0800 731 2748 or use the Contact form on this website.

Call Fire Queen for the best value UK Fire Extinguisher Servicing and Fire Alarm Servicing.

At Fire Queen we specialise in Fire Extinghisher Servicing and are happy to offer free fire extinguisher servicing advice. So, for all fire extinguisher servicing enquireis, or for all issues relating to fire alarm servicing, please call Fire Queen now. Our Fire Extinguisher Servicing and advanced Fire Alarm Servicing will ensure your compliance with legislation and insurance requirements and will allow you and your staff to know that in the even of fire, your fire safety systems will be in good working order.

Give Fire Queen a try for your Fire Alarm Servicing and Fire Extinguisher Servicing needs. You will be pleasantly surprised at how cost effective our service can be. Not to mention the friendly welcome that you will receive.

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